The three types of emails you should be using in your business

Last month I did a training for a client’s membership group on the three main types of emails coaches should be using in their business.

I thought that I wasn’t telling them anything new, but attendees found it extremely useful.

Here is the gist of it.

Three main email types

1. Automated campaign sequences 

This is the autoresponder series that is sent automatically after someone opts-in for your awesome freebie.

I recommend between 3 and 7 emails. It doesn’t really matter how many you use (I know of a coach whose automated sequence lasted for a whole year!) The number of emails you send depends on your onboarding strategy and the type of freebie you give. It has to make sense for your freebie and the type of program you offer.

2. Campaign sequences

A campaign is a series of emails that are sent over time for one specific promotional purpose, like a product launch, a promotion, or a webinar. 

In the example of a webinar you can have:

  • a pre-event sequence 
  • a post-event sequence 
  • a post-sale sequence

3. “One off” emails 

This is an email you send to everyone on your list for a specific purpose, such as your weekly email (the frequency is not as important here as the consistency!)

The purpose of the weekly email is to continue to build on the “know”, “like” and “trust” factors – give your audience valuable information that they can only get because they are on your list. 

  • Give them a result ahead of time.
  • Give people great reasons to stay on your list. 
  • Treat your list like gold. 
  • Don’t take it for granted that anybody is interested in reading your next email. 
  • Give them a reason to want to read it.

If you would like to receive the entire training handout which goes into a lot more detail and includes email templates for the autoresponder series as well as tips on writing effective headlines, email me and I will send it to you.